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K-Innovative Hub Pvt. Ltd.'s Eco Bharat is a sustainable, CSR program with the goal of fostering environmental transformation and instilling a sustainable lifestyle in people. Finding a safe, alternative option that benefits both people and the environment has become urgently necessary given the escalating level of plastic pollution. Eco Bharat carefully selects its ecologically friendly items with the aid of cutting-edge machinery and modern advancements to guarantee the safety of the world and its inhabitants tomorrow.

Core Values

  • Sustainability: Eco Bharat Is Committed To Promoting Sustainability By Creating High-Quality Eco-Friendly Products That Promote A Healthier Lifestyle And Conscious Living
  • Moral Values & Ethics: Eco Bharat Strongly Believes In Moral Values And Ethics, Ensuring That Each Product Is Developed And Curated With Utmost Care And Transparency And, That It Shall Not Harm The Environment Or Society In Any Way.
  • Responsibility: Eco Bharat Understands Its Responsibility As A True Change-Maker, Striving To Make A Conscious And Positive Impact On Both The Environment And Society.


A dream of the millions starts with the efforts of a few. We are among those few who, along with everyone else, wish to move toward a sustainable, greener planet. A group of motivated people have come together to form Eco Bharat in an effort to improve the world for both people and the environment.